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Citing Sources:

NoodleBib Express- this link will take you to the Noodle Tools page. Look under the heading "Free Software Tools" for the link to NoodleBib Express.

David Warlick's Digital Index Card - the free citation machine. Make you own MLA-style citations.

Scholarpedia - the free peer reviewed encyclopedia written by scholars from all around the world.

World Almanac for Kids


Visual Thesaurus (a subscription site, but it will allow a free trial use)


Google Maps

Resource Pages for Good Web Sites  -  back to top                         

American Library Association - Great Web Sites for Kids

Kathy Shrock's Guide for Educators FirstGov for Kids
Awesome Library

Pathfinders Blue Web'n

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Mrs. Mancusi's Tech Classes


The HMS Tech Blog - The Element

Edutopia - What Works
a project of the George Lucas Educational Foundation

ABC Teach Discovery (Puzzle maker and other resources) free online web tools for all subject areas

Rubistar: search a database of rubrics or create your own online. : find funding fast for k-12 schools
Knowledge Network Explorer Thinkfinity - Internet Content for Classrooms Middle School.Net - by teachers, for teacher. Curriculum resources and lesson plans
Primary Sources and Teacher-created Library Quests from the Library of Congress Quia Web: create online activities, quizzes and pages. (see Mrs. Mancusi for user name and password)
Math Star: teaching math in Middle School

Virtual Field Trip Links:
  Internet4Classrooms        Oops Virtual Field Trips
  Virtual tours                   Yahoo Travel Virtual Field Trips

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Copyright Friendly Images Media Search Tools Classroom Clip Art - a source for clip art, photographs and illustrations
Flickr and The Library of Congress: The Commons

Wikipedia's page on Public Domain Image Sources Dorling Kindersley Free Clip Art
PD Photo Flickr Creative Commons Free Stock Photos
Teacher Tap - Open Source Photo Sites (not updated since 2007) American Revolution Image Sources

Public Domain Pictures
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Current Events Links

Keyboarding Tests and Games
Math and Math Games Music
Science and Science games Social Studies and Social Studies/Geography games

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Articles of Confederation


Rule of Thirds
Black History Research

Food Pyramid

Salem Witch Trials

Food Web

Underground Railroad
Career Fair Project

Making a Menu Bring on the Revolution!
Chinese New Year

Masterpiece Sentences
Composer PowerPoint

Online Citation Winter Olympics
Constitution Day

Nutrition Web Winter Weather Exploration
Diversity Day

  Write a Book Review with Rodman Philbrick
Explorers Museum


Choice Activities - New Activities in Red  -  back to top



Looking for the Top Quark - a Battleship game!

What's a quark?



Oregon Trail

Free Rider in Spanish!

The Artist's Toolkit Light Bot - program your robot!
Test Yourself! The Visual Thesaurus Spelling Bee

Tetris Free Kibble - play games and help animal shelters get free foord for their animals!


Mispelled Words Battleship Z Rox

Cyberchase Quests



Make a Virtual Snowflake! Sushi Go-Round

Tons of Interactive Games

Puzzles, Puzzles, Puzzles! Jig Zone's Puzzle of the Day

HotMath Games

Chemistry Games World Geography games

Everyday Mysteries - Answer those big "Why" questions.

National Geographic's GeoBee game
Fake Out!

US Geography Games

Spanish Flashcards SpellaRoo

Destination Modern Art

The Idiot Test Art Safari
Play racing games with your classmates just by creating your own “game room” or play on your own...

Play with a friend and test your knowledge of fractions/decimals/percentages
Art Zone - Make a 3D sculpture, decorate a ceramic plate and fire it in a kiln, spraypaint a canvas or make a collage, all online!



Tower of Hanoi

Strategy and Board Games Grab Bag of Games


Hex 7 Tac Tix

Diner Dash

Making Music Tracks Cool Math 4 Kids

Create Your Own Adventure


Who Lives Here? Click and Play

Memory Solitaire

Tic-Tac-Toe Double Trouble
Colonial History Games Easy Crossword Puzzles Crossword Puzzles (pull down the menu at the top of the puzzle to select a level)

Elementary School Brainteasers


Time Magazine for Kids Brooklyn Musuem of Art's Pattern Games

Where in the World game - use Google Maps and photos to guess where the photo was taken


Dig Into History


Music Games



Science News For Kids Home Page Science News For Kids Game Page

Invention Playhouse

Make Your Own Art Hot Shot Business Candy Store

Science News For Kids Puzzle Zone

  Synonym Toast

National Geographic Kids' Games

River Crossing Square Peg Solitaire

Harry Potter Wizard Challenge

Fastball Reacton Time A Game A Day

Multi-player Math games - create a game and play against your friends!


Powder Game - explore the elements and their properties! Fantastic Contraptions


Chess Fact Monster Spelling Game

Advanced Word Search Games

Fact Monster Word Quiz

Ancient Egypt Quiz Game


Pattern Blocks New York Philharmonic's Game Zone

Brain Teasers



Brain Teasers, Puzzles and Riddles

20 Questions - the Computer will read your mind!

Imagination Cubed - it's like a version of Paint, but on the web.


Roller Coaster Creator


Game Zone The Magic Pen
Puzzlepool games: Twinball, Zip Zip and Soduko Line Rider


Scholastic News Games

Brain Food Puzzles Game Goo

Speed Grid Multiplication Challenge

Interactive Multiplication Games The Riddle of the Sphinx

Scramble-Saurus - Unscramble the Words!


Word Turtle - Make your own Word Search Puzzles

Translator Alligator - do you know what the Spanish words mean?

Lemondade Stand

Brain Benders  


Interactive Math Pictures PanneRotto


National Geographic for Kids Rush

Math Golf

Soduko Puzzles on the web The Composerizer

Eagle Eye

Blueprint Slingstar

Physics Games

Cryptoquote and other games Shape Up

Solve a Mystery

Roller Coaster Designer  


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